The uses of Ibogaine in Drg Abuse Therapy

ibogaine research

 Some people really want to stop abusing drugs, and are willing to try almost anything to stop. Stopping cold turkey is not as effective as it would seem; it makes for a great statement but the majority of those that quit suddenly end right back on the drug they are trying to quit. They need some form of therapy, and that usually takes the form of some therapy that involves taking a drug with the same basic effects of the drug itself followed by weaning them off that. Ibogaine therapy is one such form designed to get people away from the drugs they abuse.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug that can be derived from plants or from synthetic sources. It was used initially in African spiritual practices given its psychedelic and disassociative properties. It was entered into botanical journals in 1889, and was afterwards sold in tablet form. It was eventually banned by the 1930s, but interest in it was revived in the 1960s due to anecdotal evidence of its healing properties. Since then it has been brought back into use by those operating an ibogaine clinic, and therapy has been built around the drug.

Ibogaine therapy has been built around its ability to deal with a number of problems. It can be used to help deal with a wide range of drug problems, as well as post traumatic stress disorder and depression. However, while it has a solid reputation as a cure, there are some serious issues as well. Beyond standard side effects, its use with other psychological drugs is contraindicated and its use can be fatal in some cases. Thus, while it it can be a vital part of the therapy offered by an ibogaine clinic its use must be monitored carefully.

Ibogaine for depression

Ibogaine therapy is much the same as any other drug abuse therapy. A person checks himself into an ibogaine clinic. While he is there he is given a dose of ibogaine and that dose is cut back a little bit at a time until he goes through a final withdrawal period without the drug. Meanwhile, they receive counseling in order to determine why the person abuses the drug in order to get them over those issues as well. This means that the person learns that he is not only able to live without the drug, but has also learned how to deal with the problems that caused the drug abuse as well.

Ibogaine treatment tends to work rather well, comparable to other drug therapies, and the counseling received through the ibogaine clinic helps the person kick the habit permanently. Ibogaine would probably be used more often but its banned status in much of the world prevents any further research into its use as help in drug abuse problems. Nonetheless, it can be a very effective form of therapy when it comes to helping someone drop some very bad habits, especially when combined with some decent therapy. Given the health and financial costs of drugs this is something worth exploring, especially for those that really want to quit the habit permanently.

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